• The After Dinner Mint
    OK, corny, but pretty funny, right ?

    Remember Tupperware ?

    ...and the way they ran parties at private homes, with all their fancy products on display.

    I remember my Mum hosting a few, because she knew it was the best way to score a few freebies for her own pantry while getting her friends to support the local Tupperware sales lady. Genius marketing model, really !

    Guess what...that's how we're sharing the love at COINSHOP too.

    Use the form below to lock in a conversation (either a one on one with me or a group session at your place) and we'll be in touch to plan it.

    Imagine...a gold and silver show night, at your place !

    Coffee, or not, your guests (up to 10) will be glad they came.

    There's nothing like a bit of a rattle, fiddle and sip.

    The reward

    Free members 'hosting' group parties are rewarded...

    We bring the Gold and Silver, you bring the curious humans (up to 10). If the nights' sales are over $1000 the party host is rewarded, in silver at the rate of 2% of the gross sale value, for all sales paid in full, on the night.

    e.g. your invited group spend $1000 between them, you'll score $20 in silver (two of the $10 silver coins)