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    How about an affiliate relationship with COINSHOP ?

    ...the most private, fast growing, Australia wide, Gold and Silver services supplier you'll meet this lifetime.

    All you have to do, to generate income, is let your audience know COINSHOP exists. That's right, just share us around.

    If you're a club, community service group, sporting group, or simply a collection of like minded hobbyists, this passive income generation will look too good to be true.

    You'll be partnering with a reputable supplier (see our offerings here) and promoting our services, online, with NO SHIPPING, MARKETING, INSURANCE, STORAGE, TRACKING, or LOGISTICS costs !

    Your efforts might include activity like the banner that Magic is displaying at her upcoming market (pictured here).

    On your behalf, COINSHOP will ship Gold and Silver, coins and bars, and pay you a finders fee dependent on which level of the program you are engaged at.

    You offer your chosen market any products and services from our range that suit you - you might want to just start with small silver coins, and later build right up to gold coins or bars.

    We set up a unique landing page, (like this one) and all you do is guide people to that page, online, any way you wish.

    ...seriously...could it get any better ?

    If you'd like to know more, if you'd like to be trained, or to understand the time and investment, and if you have what it takes, let us know.
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    A simple Marketing Agreement is used to define the relationship we create with you and a sample of that agreement can be downloaded here.

    Learn more...or jump right in

    WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THE BACKGROUND STORY HERE ...it's a great place to start to understand the tone of the service we offer.

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