• Fiddle, rattle and sip
    Coffee's on us.

    There's no free lunch but there is free coffee.

    Roughly every Tuesday, 10.30am at Merchant cafe, Campbell's Creek, I'm buying you, and all-comers...


    It's highly flexible and I'll announce changes week by week here...in the Signal Chat Group.

    My dastardly plan to conquer the universe is...

    ...open chat forum, some respectful, gentle networking amongst all, and a chance for Q & A around metals.

    I'll be there, weekly, same gig (unless it gets too darn lonely) and welcome anyone to join me.

    Yes, I will have some of the rattling stuff, and so if you are trying to introduce a friend...

    ...bring them. Prefect chance to fiddle and rattle.

    Don't forget to grab a free membership