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    The Griffins
    Vendors who will gladly take payment in silver and gold
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    You might know the Griffin...a mythical character, half Eagle (head and shoulders) and half Lion (torso, legs, body and tail)

    It's a powerhouse. It's observant (the Eagle eye) and strong, a leader (the pride of the jungle).

    ...my friend Anuveer said..."Don't call it the Lions and Eagles" (after the coins), call it the GRIFFINS"...genius !

    I see vendors, traders, artisans and small to medium business people...you...in this categorisation. I see market dominance, I see shrewd decision making and I see pre-emptive marketing behaviour as the core attributes you bring.

    ...and so I am birthing THE GRIFFINS.

    Like minds who watch the market, buy carefully, are professional and ethical business people and people who support each others growth.

    Here are the COINSHOP GRIFFINS main features, as members...

    1. you already have a small business, hobby or craft - a serious offering. It's a service or a product, and you resell after buying wholesale or maybe you are the originator, designer, creator, founder.

    2. you are exploring the use of gold and silver (realistically, particularly silver), both for your buyers to transact with you and for your vendor partners to accept FROM you.

    3. you are trying to broaden the market for the use of silver, per #2, and you are aware that the inherent value of our failing fiat currencies is a medium term impairment to your free, private and open exchange of value. Upwards and downwards.

    4. you are seeking a gentle and inexpensive method to navigate your way into this idea

    5. you are quietly hoping that that the 'directory' of silver accepting traders (other GRIFFINS) will include products and services you need. Good one ! This is actually the lubricator of the whole idea.


    6. you are willing to provide a product/service picture for us to promote you and take orders on your behalf. We take Aussie dollar payment and pass you silver.


    7. You are willing to meet from time to time (via ZOOM mostly) and introduce yourself, your services and products, network, and consider trading with your fellow GRIFFINS.

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